Thursday, April 22, 2010

New firmware update for Nokia 5800 v. 50.0.005

New firmware v.50.0.005 now available for installation.

What's new I've got with this update:
  • kinetic scrolling in main menu
  • performance optimization

I try to install this via Ovi Suite with phone connected by USB cable.
I've got following issues:
  1. Firmware update demands 1Gb of free space on my hard drive. For what?!! ok...
  2. Nokia Ovi Suite demands update

Friday, April 16, 2010

HotSpot Navigator 0.4.0 beta

New version of HotSpot Navigator has been released is 0.4.0 beta.

List of added features:
  • optimization for long track drawing
  • set as destination point any landmark
  • show ETA, direction and distance to destination point
  • installs and  update from main menu
  • visit our site from main menu
  • base map with zoom of 1-3 levels tiles of OpenStreetMap has been included and to jar and will install at first run
World map OSM tiles has been added for downloading
Now you can download and installs base word map via our website, instead of downloading it via phone or JTileDownloader. They all are ready for installation and use.
If you are interesting in some specific region are don't hesitate ask me, I will download and make them available for downloading.

Visit HotSpot Navigator official website.
Download new version directly to phone:

Feel free to download latest version. It will works until 1-st of July 2010.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

File storage for large files

Today I've tried to store a few file-archives with OpenStreetMap tiles. It's a pre-downloaded map ready for installing in to phone. Now I've got only two files sizes 12Mb and 37Mb, so they are not huge.

Resource name and URL

Overall space

Size limit for one file

Resource bandwidth

Google sites




Google groups











Store 25 days, daily downloading limitations

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to browse and subscribe to BBC podcasts through the S60 Nokia Podcasting application

How to browse and subscribe to BBC podcasts through the S60 Nokia Podcasting application

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