Monday, February 8, 2010


I have been used Comodo Firewall for a long time. But it haven't any questions to me, so I don't know What is it doing? Is it works? Sometimes spyware attack my laptop so I feel a right time to change firewall. I like Agnitum Outpost Free edition. BTW official Agnitum site don't allow download me free version because my country is not permitted for trial pay system, as I know Agnitum is Russian company. Finally I downloaded it from It suggest a bunch of free firewalls I don't know which one is better? Just try to use pair for them for several month.

PS: Agnitum Outpost has some strange behavior, it's just didn't pass packets after some part of time. It needs reconnection. Reconnection it's just plug-off my RJ-45 socket, wait a while about 1 min. and plug it again that helps, but I don't want to do that hanreds times per a day. So I uncheck Outpost from my "Connections" tab.

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