Monday, February 8, 2010

Nokia 5800 XM. Firmware update to v 40.0.005

I have got a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. I try to update its firmware at yesterday, and I was wondering. After several month of keeping silence Nokia have been produced a new version of firmware. As I heard it will contain kinetic-scrolling, I didn't knew what is it, but sounds cool. ;)
So let's get start.

Hot to update firmware

I've got wi-fi access point at home. Updating process via Applications->Settings->Phone->"Phone mgmt."->"Device updates" via Wi-Fi has done without any issues. 
If you feel some issues with update process please visit: there are describes two ways for device updating.
Secondly, I have start updating of other software on the phone via Applcations->"SW update" (now, I don't remeber old path for run). It update 5-6 applications, e.g. "Adobe flash", "E-mail client" (have a lot of changes), new version "Ovi Maps", installs python translator, installs "Scribble" (new application for drawing written in python) and spend about 30 minutes.

So let's look What was changed?
  • 5800 works really faster and smoother, I seemed this on my long-list of subscribed podcasts.
  • improvements on "Home screen" in contact mode. Contacts are scrollable now and program shortcuts can be visible in this mode at the bottom of screen. Music (Podcast) Player has got a new control panel in this mode too. It is better I mean.
  • smartphone lives second-day without hard-reset after firmware updating. It wasn't happened with previsions firmwares.
  • kinetic scrolling. It's not so cool as I mean ;) but useful I hope.
  • Alarm rang exactly at 6.40 as I set.

  • Alarm and answer keys has a new design but.... it isn't work! Hard keys at bottom of phone do something, but not screen-keys. PS: After some weeks I have found how to switch-off alarm, even if phone blocked. You should touch on screen red-button in two pionts simultaneously. Also you can slide your finger over screen from left to right for answer or from right to left for reject call, that works nice.
  • After rebooting answer keys was changed back to old-style, but as I remember there are four keys, now only two. :( Other function available via menu, but that's not so effective. Alarm key wasn't changed back, so they lists still are useless.
  • After each restart Nokia 5800 XM try to launch new bulky e-mail client application. I was woundring because old way to receive e-mail remain in the same place. So phone have two e-mail clients now from the pack.

Hot to fix stylus holder on Nokia 5800?

My stylus isn't fit firmly because its clips holder at back panel was broken. I glue thin line of adhesive tape along the gutter at back panel and on other side on phone under the stylus place. Now it fits much stronger. Look at the pictures.

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