Monday, March 29, 2010

HotSpot Navigator 0.3 beta

New version of HotSpot Navigator has been released is 0.3 beta.

List of added features:
  • travelled track will be saved then you closing HotSpot Navigator
  • shows distance between current GPS position and panned centre of map, like Google Maps
  • you able to load any of saved tracks that sorted by date of start recording
  • some track analisys tools: view distance from start to any point on a track, view speed, altitude, timestamp at any point on a recorded track
  • view overall distance from start of travelling route
  • view current altitude
  • save any point at map as landmark and show this one on map
  • working with landmark categories has been improved: set up visibility of categories
  • landmark management via main menu

Feel free to download latest version. It will works until 1-st of July 2010.

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