Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vacation. HotSpot Navigator became stronger.

Fist of all is a question: Why I use "HotSpot Navigator" on my mobile phone and don't want using Ovi Maps from Nokia.

Answer is simple: Of course Ovi Maps is great navigation application with vector maps, routing and navigation but coverage in my city (Izhevsk, Russia) is weak. I've posted two screenshots there to compare, all is several roads across the city although OpenStreetMap has a good and detailed coverage and it has a community support, it updates everyday.

Now I've got a lot of free time now. I'm should be focused on job-seeking, but focused on HotSpot Navigator development. Recently I added a new features like:
  • traveled track will be saved then you closing HotSpot Navigator
  • you able to load any on saved tracks that sorted by date of record starting
  • some track analisys tools: view distance from start to any point on a track, view speed, altitude, timestamp at any point on a recorded track
  • view overall distance from start of travelling route
  • view current altitude
  • save any point at map as landmark and show this one
Also I have found several tools for map creating (generating). We haven't own internal map format yet. So map it's just couple of files with tile-images placed in some folder hierarchy on flash-disk in handset. You can prepare map of travelling region by downloading necessary tiles from OpenStreetMap before your journey with helps of several applications called: OSMtiledownloader and JTileDownloader or just in HotSpot Navigator. After downloading selected region you should be just copied in to your phone in E:/hsnav/tiles/ folder. This action will be helpful then map scrolling in HotSpot Navigator around region of your travel for automatic downloading maybe hard. If you don't want to spend your money on GPRS/EDGE traffic while you not in coverage of WiFi-area then your should done one of these ways.

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