Monday, March 22, 2010


I like to listen podcasts while I've walking somewhere. It may be a radio show or a music and it's easy with my bluetooth headset Jabra BT8040. I've written there how to tune your Nokia 5800 for podcastings.
  1. Click "Music"->"Podcasting"->"Options"->"Connection", be sure that "Search service URL"& points to search/?appid=NokiaPodcastingApplication1& keywords=#&format=rss&sort=rel& searchsource=all
  2. Go back, and back again
  3. "Search"
  4. Type interesting topic in edit field, e.g. "English"
  5. Touch "OK"
  6. Select any podcast from the list to subscribe that
My favourite podcasts list for learning English, all of these are free:
  • English as Second Language Podcast
  • Fun English Lessons
  • Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
My favourite technological podcasts:
  • This Week in Google
  • The Java Pose
My favourite music podcasts:
  • Via The A-Hole | Punk Podcast
  • Rocket Fuel

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